01. Dreaming is Over
02. New Shoes
03. Taking a Chance
04. Doin' Alright
05. Gay Tennis Coach
06. Fix My Mo'
07. Song For Greg
08. I Can See
09. Fashanu

Named after the infamous 'Spastique' nightclub in west Paris, this album captures the definitive Magic Lunchbox.

A controversial record, it deals with issues that some might prefer to sweep under the carpet.
Such as, match-fixing in sport (Fashanu), the difficulties faced by insecure adolescents and their dealings with unusually large breasts (I Can See), and the instrumental Gay Tennis Coach which is an exact sonic representation of what a gay tennis coach would sound like given the right instruments and moral support and encouragement.


01. This Is Andini
02. Energy Busters
03. Humans Are Losers
04. I Wanted to be a Doctor
05. Mother's Favourite Son
06. Wednesday's Girl
07. Theme from 'THE BILL'
08. `Que voy hacer?
09. Decidedly Evil
10. The Wayne Song

Anytime is a good time for an orgy of music. That's what Magic Lunchbox have generously offered the world yet again. 10 rocking tracks that soon will be blasting out of speakers in nursing homes and prisons all over the world.

This is dangerous, exciting music, not to be taken lightly. You should always bring protection to an orgy and this one is no exception.

'What Time Is The Orgy?' has it all:

1. Light and shade
2. Yin and Yang
3 .Bobozorgola (Armenian voodoo curse)
4. Produced by Tom Kazas (The Moffs, Xitzaz)
5. Recorded at the prestigious Paradise & Albert studios
6. Everything else

Ten songs is only a small slice of the Magic Lunchbox musical pie but this album is more than a mouthful. Gag on it.


1. Soldier of Fortune Cookies
2. Primal Weetbix
3. Fruitshops & Traintracks
4. Sonic Howard
5. King of the Pigeons
6. Genetic Love
7. Mystery Chapters
8. Stereotyper
9. Bean Jazzin'
10. P.L.M.C.
11. Rootaside (Saturday Night Put a)
12. Four-Track Mind
13. Eyes of a Thai Girl
14. I Gave My Life Away

The long awaited follow up to 'Yeeros', this album was the one expected to send the band's popularity through the roof. These expectations were increased exponentially when the band was signed up by the management team of Don King, Saddam Hussein, and Ray Martin. These three show business legends had already taken Gary Coleman and The A-team to the heights of fame and fortune and were looking to do the same with MAGIC LUNCHBOX and their next album.

Things unfortunately did not turn out as planned. Most of the huge advance given to the band was spent on chips and pornographic playing cards leaving barely enough to pay off their voluminous drug debts. In a last attempt to recoup their losses King, Hussein and Martin remixed some old jam tapes of The A-Team that they found lying around the studio and released this under the MAGIC LUNCHBOX moniker. The rest they say is history. Six years and 28 sales later the band still owes 2.3 billion dollars and are being sued by Mr. T


1. Lebanese Tim
2. Nudity Bucket
3. Jimbob 32110
4. Ring of Fire
5. Benny Hill United 4
Everyone Else 0

6. That's Incredible

The explosive number one debut album from MAGIC LUNCHBOX out sold all of their step aerobic videos (23 in all) in less than a week. 'THE YEEROS LIVING DANGEROUSLY' was one of the most important and socially relevant musical journeys to be taken as we approached the new millennium.

The album is a rich tapestry of cultural diversity, leading one to the esoteric, exotic, eclectic, and excremental parts of the world such as Lebanon (Lebanese Tim), India (Ring of Fire), and New York (That's Incredible), not to mention the irrespective hometowns of Campsie, Riverwood , Rio De Janiero and Sheboygan.

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