Instrument : Guitar

Born : 1777 Marrickville, Australia.

Interests :
Watching girls eat ice-creams.

Listening :
Afternoon Rumble, Weather Report.

Reading :
Punthouse (New Zealand horse-racing magazine).


Education :
Currently studying at Fong's College for a doctorate of Light-Bulbery.

Enjoyments :
Swimwear improvement, pretending to be Prince Andrew.

Goals :
One. (In the last seconds of extra time to win the match for Earlwood Wanderers
under 9's against Ashbury. Earlwood consequently met Ashbury in the final
after they toppled Belmore 3-0 and were unfortunately defeated 3-1).

Nighttime on music -
"Music is not to be treated lightly, it is to be listened to ....... at your own risk."
Nighttime on street directories -
"Those things are amazing. Especially if you have to drive somewhere
and all you've got is the street name and the suburb. They can be really helpful."