Dancer, Historian, Understudy Bassplayer

(Dave after joining his first band- Evil Terry and the Raptors)



Real Name : Edward Van Halen

Born : La Paz, Bolivia

Raised : Lhasa, Tibet

Lives : Padstow Heights

Phobias : Acrophobia, Victoria Bitter

Education :
B. Sc. (Phrenology) (Gymea TAFE)

Occupation :
Trepanist, Kings Langley Medical Centre

Preferred batting position : Opener

Hobbies : Chinese revisionism, flensing

Dance mentors : Sir Robert Helpmann, Margot Fonteyn, Tony Bartuccio, Bruce

Early influences : Heliotropism, Alan Kennedy, Roden Cutler, Rene Kink, Maureen Duval, Les Gock

Pecuniary Interests : 3200 Magic Lunchbox shares @ $0.03 each

Political Affiliations :
Congress-I Party Scrutineer ;
P.L.M.C. NSW Branch Organiser

Favourite ACTU leader : Cliff Dolan

Preferred 2nd airport site : Kyeemagh


Mr M`Marshall is an important member of the Magic Lunchbox dance squad and one of the leading Magic Lunchbox historians. He has documented numerous gigs and knows many of the bands most obscure tracks and incidental pieces. Also plays bass in 'Petulant Frenzy', a Frank Zappa tribute band of which he is a founding member.

One of the best looking associates of Magic Lunchbox hence his automatic inclusion into the dance squad. When midgets are not available, Dave is often used as a substitute for three of them.

Dave is currently working on a compilation of live bootleg Lunchbox recordings, possibly a double CD, to be released to the public.