A graduate of the Tasmanian Institute of Soundguys, he changed his name
from Michael Sounds-Chapman after graduating. After moving to Sydney,
Michael travelled to Iran, where he was promptly deported after putting together
an all-girl pop band called "Bananaramadan".
Never one to give up on his dreams, Michael returned to Sydney to get
a job at the Coogee Bay Hotel as a cleaner cleaner (well that's what he told us).

Michael was the official Magic Lunchbox live sound engineer during their
hectic playing period in the 1994-95 season. He returned in 2001 to sing in the
new-look Magic Lunchbox line-up, including the "What Time is
the Orgy?" album launch.
His performances were a smash-hit with the Lunchbox fans:
"Man.....I fucken hate that cunt...." - Aaron Smith 2001.